Eifel Music Und Kunst Fest

The EIFEL MUSIK UND KUNSTFEST was founded by ADITYA DUO. Musicians Ava Rebekah Rahman and Matthias Diener had the vision of inviting friends and colleagues, from all over the world, into their home region, Eifel. Wanting to create a festival made by friends for friends where all involved, artists and audience, enjoy the astonishing moment of being together, sharing the gift of music and art. In October 2017 the first edition of EIFEL MUSIK UND KUNSTFEST with the title ”Home and the World” took place in Strempt.

During 3 days and 6 events world renown artists were presenting music in “regular” classical concerts partnered with “world music” in the “late night specials”. Including an art exhibition, visitors and the artists shared meals together, made by cooks of many nationalities and celebrated with music, new friendships, profoundness and connections.

Inspired by this great success, artistic director Ava Rebekah Rahman created a concept of a whole festival series over the next seven years called The Seven Veils of Music. During which, we embark on an 7 year adventure together (excluding Year Silence to Sound), exploring the very wonder of the vastness of music. Together, we delight in creating extraordinary concerts and events, knocking down boundaries and our old habits, we ‘re-learn’ the art of listening, joyously discovering new ways of feeling and experiencing music and sound.


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