Aditya Duo

Aditya Duo : Ava-Rebekah Rahman Violin
Matthias Diener Violoncello

“ Nonchalant Virtuositi,Weltstars von Nebenan”
(Koelner Stadtanzeiger ),

Aditya Duo are mesmerising audiences all over the world with their unique and fresh approach to making music :

As the cellist of the Echo Prize winning Minguet Quartet for 20 years ,Diener has extensive experience working with todays most eminent living composers (Rihm, Widmann, Ruzicka, Lachenmann, Kurtag, Hosakawa to name only few), premiering and recording many
vital works that make up contemporary music today..

Violinist and Artistic Director, Ava-Rebekah Rahman, is an unrivalled artist in that she has integrated an tantric phenomenological approach to creating music and is equally gifted in both western and indian violin, collaborating with some of the worlds best performers in many diverse
genres of music ..

Together,this extraordinary Duo , inspired by the offspring of “Space and Sound” are dedicated to create concerts,events and programmes they feel explores illuminating and newly engaging ways of hearing music.

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